Business Learning Games

The objective is to transfer this gaming methodology to our customers, allowing them to be autonomous in their internal training sessions and reap the benefits, through high levels of engagement and participation that the gamification provides. The training is transformed into a board game, allowing trainees to embody the knowledge, by sharing experiences and ideas, through the journey of discovery.

"Trip Game"- A leadership development game

Empower your trainees to discover and develop their interpersonal skills, leadership and motivational wise, while dealing with adversities in a journey around different countries.


"Trip Game" brings the concept of gamification into face-to-face training.

Your trainees will face leadership challenges that will enable them to question and share preconceived concepts with their team.

They will also discover the scientific basis of how they communicate and relate with others. (participants vs trainees vs leaders)

"Trip Game" stimulates participation and allows through experience and debate, a reorganization of the theory/practice relationship

Research shows that initial difficulties in the learning process increase the long term knowledge retention, and by answering questions, the memory significantly increases.

By using this game as the centrepiece of the pedagogical itinerary, the trainees use the strategy of self-discovery for their development, giving space to individual experiences at an extremely dynamic and fun environment.


Number of Trainees

6 to 12


Training duration

from 4 hours to 3 days


Training aim

The training aims to develop competencies in interpersonal relationships in leadership. Topics covered by the training:

• Positive leadership;
• Intrinsic motivation;
• Engaging communication;
• Happiness at work.


"A formação através deste jogo levou a níveis de atenção tão elevados, que perdemos a noção do tempo, enquanto aprendíamos, praticávamos e partilhávamos as melhores práticas. A melhor formação que já tive! Obrigado."
“A formação através deste jogo criou uma excelente dinâmica de grupo. Desde o início, os participantes apresentaram altos níveis de envolvimento e interesse, evidenciados pela participação verbal e pela linguagem corporal. Enquanto eles foram desafiados a pensar sobre as coisas, os participantes estavam adquirindo os conceitos. ”
“Essa metodologia de formação criou um ambiente muito positivo e uma grande interatividade entre todos nós: conversámos mais do que ouvimos, fizemos mais do que vimos, sempre com um ótimo ritmo. O tempo voou! ”